Our small groups at Grace are at the very heart of our vision and mission!

When Jesus began to build His Church, He focused on a small group of people who learned to live life together with Him. In light of Jesus' model, our Small Groups are designed to be more than just simple Bible studies. They focus on true spiritual transformation. Most of our Small Groups start out by focusing on the basics of Christianity. Regardless of your religious background, joining one of our Small Groups will help you understand the essence of true Christianity.

In our Small Groups, we learn together and support one another to become more like Jesus Christ. We pray together and hold each other accountable in our relationship with Jesus. And we are committed to challenging one another in our love for each other and for those who are not following Christ. 


Would you like to facilitate a small group?

 In Acts 2:38-47, we see key essentials for a healthy Christian community. We at Grace know that you care for people around you. Pointing people to Jesus and helping them implement these essentials is one of the most loving things you can do. Let us partner with you to see this happen. You can learn how to demonstrate and communicate these essentials and become the caring community God desires for people!  

If you want to facilitate a small group or step up in leadership, then this is your first step! 


FIND A SMALL GROUP!    Request Info

If you would like to check out a small group in your area of NC State's campus or the Triangle, please click to request more information. Someone from a small group in that area will be in touch within a few days.  Here are the various areas where our groups meet.



NC State Small Groups    Request Info


West Campus

Sullivan, Lee, Bragaw, UT, Valentine Commons, Stanhope Apartments


Central Campus

Carroll, Metcalf, Bowen, Tucker, Owen, Turlington, Alexander


East Campus + Wolf Village

Becton, Bagwell, Berry, Syme, Gold, Welch, Wolf Village


North Campus

North, Watauga, Hillsborough St. Apartments


South Campus

Wood, Avent Ferry, Wolf Ridge, College Inn Apartments



Triangle Area Small Groups    Request Info


Triangle Community Groups

ES King Village Area, North Raleigh, South Raleigh, Durham, etc.


Triangle International Groups

Students & non-students welcome



Topical Focus Groups    Request Info

Check our website front page and our Sunday morning bulletins to see when our next classes will be offered. Or, request more info now by clicking "Request Info". 


Genesis Class

The book of Genesis lays the foundation for every major Christian truth there is, yet it is the one book about which many people are confused. Let us help you understand the truth of Genesis and how to explain it to others. 


Money Matters

Jesus said that if we are faithful with money, then we can be trusted with true riches beyond money. We want to help you gain both the right mindset and the right skills to succeed with your finances instead of being trapped by them.


Relationships that Last

Students and singles, we know how easy it is to get preoccupied with "the search". We know what questions you're asking. Come and learn more about these questions - and the questions you didn't even think to ask. God has a better plan for your love life than you think!


Truth Project

Only 9 percent of professing Christians have a biblical worldview. Our culture is losing its bearings. The Truth Project is designed to profoundly set our thinking back on course.




Who We Are

Grace Community Church is a member of Great Commission Churches (GCC), a U.S.-based fellowship of autonomous member churches and ministries that desire to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ by modeling "New Testament Christianity in Action Today". GCC is a member of the National Association of Evangelicals.


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