Every house first needs a blueprint. For a house to stand strong, its foundation and its walls must be built according to the plan of a wise master builder. 

Jesus Christ is the Wise Master Builder – and He has spoken to us in His Word. He has given in the Scriptures a blueprint for the abundant life that He promised His followers.

One summer forty years ago, many of us in our movement looked at these specific Scriptural truths, in a series called "God's Will for Your Life. This teaching that our Savior graciously revealed to us is “the blueprint” that we have sought to follow. 

Since then we have set out to live our lives by His plan. We painted our walls different colors and each decided what to hang on those walls. But the walls and the foundation were all built, based on the timeless truths found in the Bible. 

At Faithwalkers 2016 we will take a fresh look at the Lord's blueprint. Come and learn – so that you can also live the abundant life Jesus Christ has planned for you. 

(the information above has been taken from the Faithwalkers website)

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Who We Are

Grace Community Church is a member of Great Commission Churches (GCC), a U.S.-based fellowship of autonomous member churches and ministries that desire to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ by modeling "New Testament Christianity in Action Today". GCC is a member of the National Association of Evangelicals.


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