Discovery Groups: Confidence Builders

  • Stepping from Uncertainty to Confidence

  • Stepping from Feelings of Unworthiness to Forgiveness

  • Stepping from Being Unable to Empowered

  • Stepping from Being Unprepared to Equipped

  • Stepping from Being Undeveloped to Maturity

Discipleship Groups: Being & Making Disciples

The following are effective tools we have used to help teach people how to be a disciple of Jesus Christ who makes disciples for Jesus Christ.

  • God's Story

    This document illustrates how you can share God's story (the gospel) with someone. The diagram on the left is what you will draw out, and the transcript on the right is an example of how to talk through it.

  • Three-Thirds Guide [Updated 1.28.2016]

    The "Three Thirds" format guides the flow of each small group meeting. The bold text indicates the parts most needed to multiply disciples. The first page is a handy reminder card highlighting your plan for the time. You can display it at each meeting. The second page includes detailed reminders and suggestions to help you lead the time effectively.

  • Four Fields of Discipleship

    This document gives you a framework to share the vision of how we mature as followers of Jesus Christ.

  • Seven Stories of Hope Booklet [Updated 1.7.2016]

    A series of evangelistic Bible studies that you can go through with someone who is open to learning more about God but not ready to accept the gospel.

  • Vision Casting Ideas

    Here are some helpful vision casting stories from our missionary friends at RUN Global. You may use these as you encourage people in your small groups to share the Gospel and multiply new disciples.

  • Reproducible Discipleship Training Guide [Updated 1.7.2016]

    A complete guide to our discipleship method at Grace

  • Initial Discipleship Lessons [Updated Summer 2016]

    A series of discipleship lessons intended to equip a believer to know and obey God as your group moves toward the characteristics of a healthy church group.

Discipleship Groups: Initial Discipleship Lessons (Individual Lessons)

  • Lesson 1: Realize Who You Are In Christ

  • Lesson 2: Baptize

  • Lesson 3: Be Filled With The Spirit & Word

  • Lesson 4: Pray

  • Lesson 5: Love

  • Lesson 6: Celebrate the Lord's Supper

  • Lesson 7: Give

  • Lesson 8: Make Disciples

  • Lesson 9: Perservere

Who We Are

Grace Community Church is a member of Great Commission Churches (GCC), a U.S.-based fellowship of autonomous member churches and ministries that desire to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ by modeling "New Testament Christianity in Action Today". GCC is a member of the National Association of Evangelicals.


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